About me

Hello everybody,

my name is Bea Strango and I am an environmental scientist and artist.
I was born in Hungary and have lived
Lüneburg for 13 years. 
I’ve been swinging pencils and brushes enthusiastically since I was a child. Fine, detailed illustrations with pencil and watercolors are my preference, but other materials and techniques, such as acrylic or oil on canvas, are also part of my work.
I love to illustrate characters, create fantastic worlds and invent new stories.
When people look at my works of art, I want to reflect their own feelings, moments from
the past or a wish for the future.
I want viewers to take a short break and embrace all of these feelings and moments that they may have forgotten as they lead their hectic lives and find a piece of their own story in one of my illustrations.

Bea Strango

Heading 6
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